[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension



Nice extesion!
I noticed a little bug in text input method when inputType is 5 (number), it doesn’t allow , nor . so can’t enter any decimal value…


This is a known issue. I’ll bring out a fix in the next version.


I got this error screen.


@rockbotica after you upload the extension, make sure you reset and restart your companion app . that should fix this kind of error messages with extensions 70% of the times


I have send @helios a new code and he will integrate it with the next update.

What’s new?
Pop up menu! :blush:

Take a look here:

And if he don’t change the code it will be very easy to use this new method :slight_smile:

The pop up menu needs a view.
So as example set one button to 1pixel for each size.

Now you can use another button to display set pop up menu below the “view” button one.

Before release test extension

@Helios integrate it as fast as you can :blush:


Can we have one method to navigate to and get the path of some folder / file(s)?


I apologise for the delay, I’ll be pushing a release soon!


As a dialog? If not, you can use the activity starter as a file picker.


I read the tutorial on the app inventor website about the activitystarter, it seems we have to install another app andexplore. I want a dialog to open some folder or file, like on PC. Is it possible ?


We should be able to open an entire screen inside a dialog.


That is not the purpose of a dialog. A dialog is just to temporarily grab the attention of the user, and is not meant to be used as a standalone interaction environment. Why not just show the screen as it is?


If you wanted a quick little settings screen that would be accessed for a few seconds, it would be useful.


I’ll look into that.


Very Useful Extension. Thank you Mika. Much Better than the built in spinner component. I know you are no longer supporting thinkable. But your work is awesome.

This is a MUST HAVE - EXTENSION. Every project required a good spinner.


hi, the pop up menù is ready?


Here it is: Before release test extension


well great! i did’nt see it, sorry


@Helios, I like this extension, but it’s so bad. When I use some other extensions with it, then I get a DX Error message.


But work in ANDROID 6.0 HTC DESIRE 820
//Ligt theme: true