[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension



Do you have some news about DX failed for us?


Replace slide1.jpg with your filename.
Both paths works for me (tested in companion mode).


List Picker shall have an option … to as rather it is Cancelable or not . clicking back button takes away whole dialog elements.
As default it shall be static & should not respond to back button , but on cancel == true , it shall be cancelable


How to add 3 buttons in message dialog?


Thanks so much Helios !!! Great Work !!!

Please you can add:

  1. 3 buttons in message dialog ?
  2. Change background Colors in message dialog ?

Best Regards.


Guys it is pointless to continue asking for support in this extension or any other extension from @Helios

He is not interested in upgrading his work at least for Thunkable Community …
He has already stated that he is working on other platform…
He may login in here from time to time but we have not seen any post from him since November 2017

He has not even fixed the DX execution failure issue that as @Taifun repeatedly stated will take only 5 minutes to fix…

It is very sad and disappointing to see Developers abandon their work like this…


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Not working.Cannot Export App


Can you please provide the aia file of that download progress you are showing using this extension. im unable to do so . i want to download multiple files and it should show the exact same way you have shown in the screenshot with downloading progress and that downloading music box.
Please provide the aia file
i also want to show it this way


send me link


how to use radio option please anyone can provide a aia for me to understand


Is it possible to show this dialog at Home ?



i can’t use dialog. hasicon set to false and icon set to blank

Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘android.graphics.Bitmap android.graphics.drawable.BitmapDrawable.getBitmap()’ on a null object reference



Thanks for the great extension.I was searching for the extension and i got it.You made my day Sir.Thanks alot


set an icon name instead of leaving it blank but set hasIcon to false…
it should work…
the problem with this extension is that icon used appears in the root of internal storage

however the basic problem is that this extension is lacking support from developer…


Nice extension but unusable for me because of lack of decimal with kb 5 ; Still no update ?


Take a look at this post…


Awesome extension. Great job :+1:


Can you update the download link?