[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension



I meant that @Taifun found a way to fix the problem, @Helios have to just follow what Taifun said…


Ok I misunderstood your post.
It seemed strange for @Taifun to provide a fixed aix since he should have the source code for the extension, but I asked anyway just in case… :stuck_out_tongue:
I have already seen that method proposed so as to fix the issue.
Let’s hope that @Helios has the time and will to implement it…
We are grateful for the work and effort up to now from all extension developers

If I was developing extensions I would fix pending items and then proceed to new, but this I how I prefer to work…
However not all minds are the same and most important they shouldn’t be!


wait, so the dialog and extracomponent extension do not work?


they work independently, but not both together in a project


When i using spinnig dialog it is showing in fullscreen.


you might want to provide some more information…



How do you use this block? The way I tried, no image appears, only a black background remains. :frowning:


you can create a field so I can indicate a list with the indexes that should be marked. For example: I have five items in the list and I selected 1,2,5. When I access the CheckboxListPicker again I would like these items to appear marked, as it may be that I just want to uncheck some items or select another. So, CheckboxListPicker would look at the list I created (variable “Selection List” = 1,2,5), and I indicated it in the proper field of the CheckboxListPicker, and would check the fields according to the indexes that are in this list.


It’s now possible to change the dialogs’ colours!

Unfortunately, this feature will not be available in the final version of the extension. Instead, we will be incorporating it as a native feature (you know where :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


What’s the point of saying that here, if you are not making an extension, it doesn’t make sense at all…


All I am saying is that dialogs have a wider scope now.


Dialogs doesn’t have a wider scope, Makeroid dialogs has a wider scope. Share that in Makeroid community, not here, people doesn’t care what you have added in another product. If I would buy a Mercedes car, would I care about BMW cars & their new features? No, because it doesn’t affect my car. The same logic is in this situation.


Kindly elucidate. I am inclined to believe that you’re trying to push forward a rift here.


No, actually I just don’t get your point. Literally, by following words:

I am just thinking that you are bragging about Makeroid. Thunkable doesn’t care about Makeroid updates, the way Makeroid about Thunkable’s. I just meant that your post was off-topic here in Thunkable community.

If you are trying to make a conflict, I am out of it.


I wasn’t trying to promote Makeroid. I was simply letting all of you know that this feature will not be part of the extension.
I don’t find anything wrong in saying “We don’t have strawberries on this cake, but you can try the one with them”.

Had I been saying “The cakes we sell have better strawberries”, then I would be creating a conflict.

I hope you understand.


But, if this feature won’t be in your extension, what’s the point of talking about this feature at all. This is the point, as I said, I don’t get.


why not releasing the whole extension? i think it’s a great extension, but do not understand why give it without a leg


as @ILoveThunkable already said, in the Thunkable forum we are not interested about what you are doing somewhere else…

the only thing, which is important here, is that you finally fix the DX execution failed issue which as you know happens after importing several of your extensions and trying to build the app…



yes, I too agree. it would be very useful.
I hope this functionality is implemented.


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