[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension

Hello, you will have some example of how to use component UpdateProgress…??

Would it be possible to use URLs too?

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Currently, no. But I’m working towards a new release with this feature and bug fixes for the TextInput method


Very useful extension, Do you think it’s possible to add to your extension this? I think it would be very welcomed too:

A text dialog with some extra parameters:
numbersOnly - self explanatory.
password - it just masks the text entered.
hint - self explanatory.
text - A text that will pre populate the textbox when the dialog is called.

There is already a textInput method. It currently has a few bugs and no more parameters than those offered by the default notifier. The next release is set to change all that with fixes for those pesky bugs and an inclusion of the features you’ve mentioned.


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Here is Version 5!

This is a bug fix release for the text input method. Has a few other goodies too. Released on 30 May, 2017.
Here’s what’s new:

Totally redesigned parameters for the input text method. Here are the new parameters:

  • title: Title of the input dialog
  • defaultText: Text that is set when the dialog is shown
  • hint: Hint for the input
  • fullscreen: T/F whether the dialog should span the entire screen
  • cancelable: T/F whether the dialog can be cancelled by the user. If false, the cancelButtonText will not be shown
  • inputType: (integer) This determines the type of input. Can have values from 1 to 7. Below is a directory to their usage

1: Normal text input, suits most purposes
2: Text password input, for entering masked text
3: Name input, capitalises the first letter of each word.
4: Email address input, changes keyboard layout for ease of input
5: Number input, self explanatory
6: Numerical password input, to enter masked numbers
7: Date/time input, changes keyboard layout to facilitate entry of dates and time.

  • buttonText: The text of the positive button
  • cancelButtonText: The text of the negative button
  • textColour: expects a hex colour code for the text colour (example: #000000)
  • hintColour: expects a hex colour code for the hint text colour (example: #ededed)

New method: ShowListPicker
Similar to the default listpicker, but provides a floating dialog type interface.
Parameter itemsList expects a YailList.

AfterMessageSelection now returns the text of the button selected rather than 1 or -1.

Download: com.vishwas.Dialogs.aix (26.6 KB)

Please let me know of any bugs or suggestions.



Excellent work! I always wondered why App Inventor didn’t have the numbers only, default text or password option since the beginning being that text dialogs are pretty much used for that purpose most of the times.
Your extension adds a whole lot of possibilities. Thanks.

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Thanks very much .
It helps my app very much
thank you !!!

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Thank you very much :thumbsup:

I will update it on ChatAble as soon as possible to fix some design issues :sweat_smile:

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Great update. Is it by design that you can’t enter negative or decimal numbers when using inputType #5? Is that something that could be added to a future update?

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Also the keyboard does hide if you cancel.

Sorry doesn’t hide

Yes. Input type #5 allows only positive integers.

Will fix that in the next update. Thanks for letting me know!

You’re welcome. Thanks for doing what you do!


Take a look to the errors. And this is just in one screen…

Again :disappointed:
I have to rebuild all the app :cry:


That’s the problem with extensions. I’ve tried my best to retain the old methods. The new text input is completely new and doesn’t carry over any code from the previous. This was pretty much inevitable.

Hope you have a backup!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You could use @Deprecated annotation for old methods so that old blocks will still work.

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Oh. I didn’t know about @Deprecated. Thanks!

On the other hand, that will simply be increasing the size of the extension and adding unnecessary methods. I prefer to keep it clean…

Now the project is completly deleted…

How can I update the extension so?

Try reloading the page. You might also want to look into this: