[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension



EDIT: Version 5 is now live. [Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension

Most of you must have tried out the app I shared yesterday. Yes, it was no “hidden power” of the web viewer but another extension by me. As of now, it is pretty basic but I plan to expand its reach by collaborating with @Mika. I hope all of you find it useful! Please let me know of any bugs because this is something I’ve come up with in less than three days. Also let me know of your feedback!

What it does:
With this extension, you can
A. Show progress dialogs of three kinds: a spinning dialog, an indeterminate linear dialog and a determinate linear dialog.
B. Show a picker dialog of which only one option can be selected.
C. Toast a message on the screen.

The link to the extension:(deprecated, check the new link in a post below)

Currently available methods:

Feel free to ask any questions about their usage! I’ve tried my best to include helpful descriptions. Let me know if something is missing.

Would you download this extension if it were paid? (Don’t worry, this one is free and will remain so :wink:)

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Creative Commons License
Dialogs Extension by Vishwas Adiga is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


EDIT: Here are a few screenshots.

How to do pop-up alert
Radio Buttons (user interface )
Index of Available Extensions
Initialize screen with rotating spinner
Rating Extension Request
Dialog with image
Progress notifier
Datepicker Issue - [HELP NEEDED]
Wave progress bar
How to design notification like this?
Popup listpicker at the bottom
Why ProgressDialog doesn't dismissed by pressing BackButton?
Date Picker - Faster year selection (for birthdays)
A few awesome features coming your way
OSO Browser (Now AIA file is public) - Browse & Earn pocket money with style (Published on Play Store)

I will definitely be using this in my upcoming apps! Amazing work @Helios!

If it had even more types of dialogs, such as checkboxes, I would definitely pay for it!

Gallery Viewer needed

I plan to introduce checkboxes soon!


Awesome extension :wink: !!! Would be very helpful.thanks for this :slight_smile:


WOW, it’s a really useful extension :clap::+1:

It will very useful for users because they can be notified for each action of the app, so they won’t think that the app is not doing nothing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the extension, I will use it :blush:


@Helios I think I found a bug:

On the Radio List Picker, If you set the selection to “0” it will select the first item in the list when opened. However, when selecting the first item in the list, the “ListIndex” returns “1” not “0”.


Thanks for letting me know. Would you prefer the globally accepted list index starting from 0 or the Yail List syntax of beginning with 1?


What can the extension do?


I’ll add a few screenshots soon.


I think it makes more sense for the first item to be “1”. However, I don’t mind which number it starts at (0 or 1) as long as both values (Selection and ListIndex) are the same.


Fixed it. It now starts from 0, going by the globally accepted syntax.
Updated link.


Good one thanks for it


This is a very useful extension! Thanks for creating it!


This is awesome! Ill be using it alot :smiley:


great extension!

A list index in the “App Inventor world” starts at 1 and not 0. This was a design decision once for App Inventor and is also valid for other App Inventor distributions like Thunkable.

Please keep in sync with that logic and don’t start something different and confuse everyone…



I agree with you. I went with 0 because the extension converts Yail to an array and as we know, arrays begin with 0. So trying to change that will just add a whole lot of bugs. I think a small note saying that the list begins with index 0 should suffice.
Feel free to differ.


Love It!!! Nice Work!


Nice Google Pixel by the way. :stuck_out_tongue:


what about just adding 1 internally for each value and return the correct index? a note will not be sufficient imho
please don’t start confusing everybody…


@Helios the spinning progress doesn’t work for me, everything else does.