[Free] Phone Info Extension

Check this out: com.pavitra.phoneinfo.PhoneInfo.aix (6.1 KB)

Currently, it is able to show:


It’s a very good idea for this extension but it give’s me this error. I am doing something wrong?

Try the extension on a device and not on the emulator :slight_smile:


this is the older version. make sure you remove the current extension and then upload this extension

I have the same problem!

I see now whats the problem.
@pavi2410 uses a wrong extension property.

I have wrote a private message with the problem.

usually if you get that error, you forgot to restart the companion app after importing an extension


Is it possible to get phone number, and user information of the owner of the phone?

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Phone number is possible on @Taifun’s Telephony manager extension.

What specific information about the user are you looking for?

Thanks@Conor. You are right that you can get phone number by using @Taifun’s Telephony manager extension. However, this is not possible in all countries.

When I wrote user information. I am thinking getting any identity of the user, e.g. name, last name.

I know Account Manager Extension of @Taifun, but I am thinking about getting the user identity without user interaction, similar to getting a phone number without user interaction. :relaxed:

as fall back solution you always can do this

using the account manager extension there is no user interaction required, you might want to try the test project…


Thanks @Taifun. I will have a look at those links.

Can I edit this thread again? @moderators

I’m not quite sure what you mean…

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As much time have been passed since I created this topic, so I no longer have edit access. So, I was inquiring about whether the edit access can be given back, so that I can edit it again and didn’t have to create a new one.

@Conor Any idea about this?

@pavi2410 I’ve sent you a PM.

New version available: PhoneInfo.aix (6.6 KB)

New Blocks:

  • Is Emulator
  • Is Companion App
  • Total RAM SIze
  • Android API Level
  • Width/Height in pixels
  • Some Device related blocks

Two more extensions are in works,

  • Network Info
  • Package Info

What about adding Model Name? Like: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

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