[FREE] Online time without any extension

Hello friends as we know when we use the device time in our application then user can change the device time and hack the application that’s why it is not secure to do. So, we need online time in our application to make it 100% secure.

Timestamp URL

Learn more about it: http://androteq.com/get-online-time-without-any-extension-in-app-inventor/



If your time zone is GMT+3, you need to set GMT-3 = your current time zone.

“HH” = 24-hour time
“c” = day of the week

你的時區「GMT+8」 - 系統「GMT+6」=你要設定GMT+2,才是你的時區。

yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:s 【c】

= 2018-12-10 15:25:33 【周一】/【MONDAY】

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hello, I would like to use the clock of thunkable, take the time and converge this in the Italian timetable. to always have the Italian time even if the device is located in China or America.can it be done without connecting to an external server? Thank you

Hi. Thanks for sharing. I have installed the APK. However, when I click on GET TIME nothing happens. Morever, the AIA is not working as well.