[Free] Material Cards + Camera Viewer (SPONSORED!)



I meant About the Camera Viewer Extension error


Is there any way to change the dimension of pictures on material cards ?


yes there is go in blocks and check there are blocks for changing dimensions


@Yash_Yadav, thanks for your reply but there are no blocks for changing the dimension of picture on material cards. Do you have any screenshot ?


Hello @Carlos_Pedroza

After API upgrade in Thunkable the images are missed while loading. Would you mind verifying the issue.



can we use without images? just content and buttons


please create without images… just text and buttons


@Carlos_Pedroza i wanna it to load images from web but this extension firstly loads all images from web and then suddenly create cards in the arrangement .

what i want is that it add cards in arrangement and loads images side by side the user scrool the screen .
i can show title in cards and images must load im background as it will also consume less RAM and make our app looks faster.

i thimks with Mixing some features of this extension , it will be possible and If we can use this extension with even cardview then please tell how??



Is it possible to show an image from the assets itself instead of URL.


Type 1 and type 2 are not working


Sir your extension is the best Material Cards Extension i have used.

Can you consider adding some more properties to customize it
Eg : Font size or add any other component instead of buttons (like a slider , switch etc )