[Free] Material Cards + Camera Viewer (SPONSORED!)



No name insert , insert code


Is it possible to show card without images.


@Carlos_Pedroza and/or @Andres_Cotes

This works during Development but not during Production???
A little help please??


@Carlos_Pedroza thank you for this awsome extension!
Is there a way to change the color of a button after you clicked on it?
For example that the favorite button is red then.



How can I use JSON to display images using this extension?


Hi @Jonas_Mauricio,

The Web component has a block that can parse JSON and returns a list - maybe that would work for you?



Can you add a block for cardview image visible true / false. Or if image didn’t return image path or image path is empty can you hide the image area, instead of showing greay image view.



Can we get a way to make a card without an image?



Hello @Carlos_Pedroza

would be able to do this ?



Hi @Andres_Cotes and @Carlos_Pedroza

unfortunately the CameraView Extension is not working for me… There only appears a black background at the selected input (horizontal view) once the camera view is started. Android 8.0, API 27. Problem occurs in companion and final .apk

best, Chris


try this: CameraViewer Extension


Unfortunately this is failing miserably… I removed the earlier version but this one cannot even be uploaded - maybe due to use of another of Andres extensions… I don’t get why Andres did not properly name the cameraviewer extension…


Hi. Try to delete the extension. After that, import the New one.


That is what I did… But it is still not possible to upload the other one and I assume thats because of the bad naming of the extension (others from Andres start with the same name)


To me it is working. Try out this AIAVideoCam.aia (19.0 KB)


what extensions are you using


Need ability to show/hide images… is this possible?

If Cards view Extention could work without images will be Very useful…


can I use it show only text?


How to use it in horizontal layout?