[Free] Listview Extension (alpha version)


Another project is born.

Feel free to test the listview extension.
Maybe i can add more things in the future :slight_smile:

It’s the alpha version
com.NMD.Listview.aix (10,9 KB)


Input = Horrizontal arrangement where your new list is created

You can now have a horizontal listview.
All you must do is set the ListAlignment to -90 = horizontal | 0 = vertical


Wow thank you Mika for this great extension - you made it on lighting speed :smiley: . You have made something which was not doable in Android. Thank you for you great work. I would like to donate by tomorrow for your great work. I am currently testing this extension. Can you share aia file for testing purpose. As per the instructions, i could not find the “0=Vertical” settings.

You are welcome :slight_smile:
You see the block “ListAlignment”?
Set a math block to it.
Iam current not on my computer.

Or you can type in the number in the designer view.

Salute boss :heart_eyes:

Can’t find “0=Vertical” settings. Share us when you are back

He said put 0 into ListAlignment property

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Exactly right.
If you type in - 90 than it will be horizontal

@mika What did you use for - textview or spannable?
Also html formatting is possible?

And do you have thoughts to insert images as well?

Html is not possible or i didnt find a way.
To edit text from the listview i use textview.
Its like the original Code.

I wish images are possiple but i found no solution.

Btw. Please check your mails.

You can run a loop for every item in the list, and apply HTML styles to it. Append the formatted text to another character sequence. In this way, you can convert Yail to Array and add HTML at the same time.


Wow! :heart_eyes:
The possibilities are endless!

There is already a class within Android for formatting with HTML

Could you elaborate?

If pass any string with HTML to android.text.Html.fromHtml and then the text displayed will be formatted with HTML.

textView.setText(android.text.Html.fromHtml("<font color=white>Hello</font>");

May i ask for thumbnail in next release
Thank you

Yes. I know that. But you can’t just use it on an entire list. The function expects a string. What I am suggesting is to run a loop, get every element in the list, use fromHtml() on it and then append every result to an array.
Finally, set the elements of the list view to the array.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

sorry if i annoy you, god (:-D)
but when i scroll on the listview evrything becomes black…

how to add elements at a listview without always creating new lists?