[Free] JSONTools Extension


i want to load a list with image title and date
50 elements as you can see image link is in the sub folder coin. which i dont get to work.
title is not the probem

pls show me that how it works.

I tried it with your blocks but than i get each time a other error


Should just be able to use the following blocks, once you have parsed the JSON:
OpenObjectInArrayByIndex (16) -This opens the object inside index 16
Then GetStringValue(“title”)

For the child Objects try:

GetStringInSubJSONObject(0, “coin”, “icon”)


OpenSubJSONObject then GetStringValue

After you have everything use SetPositionToRoot


it does not work i made something wrong. if i do that what you say i get for each i get for each item the same image, but each item in that list from 0 to 50 have dfferent images. and thats the problem. i tried around a whole day. i get a error or i get now for each item the same image. and not the image what the item has.
and if i work withlist pairs i get not found.


Not too sure how you are implementing it but those blocks I mentioned from JSONToolsExtension are the blocks you would need to use, you can use them inside a loop too that’s fine, you’d just need to set position to root at the end.