[FREE] Introducing DeviceInfo

Extension Name : DeviceInfo

Version : 1.1
Price : FREE

About this Extension

This is an extension that returns information from your Android Devices,
This Extension provides :

With this extension, you can get the device’s Android Version, Device Name, Time Zone, Region, Language, Storage Usage, RAM Usage, IMEI, Phone Number, etc.
And also :

Screenshots :

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DeviceInfo APP :
DeviceInfo.apk (2.6 MB)

More info

Thanks to Android Developers Documentation , ColinTree, StackOverFlow, Punya Framework, GitHub which help me a lot to create this extension !

If you are interested, you may also contact me on t.me/kwankiu or t.me/hybrogroup

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how can we store it in firebase? Will You Make .aia File?

Do you mean to get Device information and store it in FireBase ?