[Free] Install app. Notify to user of a new version has come out


thanks i did it according to the extension documentation with both complete and relative path but with no succes.

i tried installing with extension and with activity starter it doesn’t go as planned


you forgot to mention, if the Copy method works like this or not…
but concerning the Copy method you are asking in the wrong community
read the documentation of the file component of the App Inventor distribution you are using
and ask in the correct community about how to use that Copy method in case you still have issues
from my understanding only a directory starts with a slash, but /gapps.apk is not a directory, is it?

see also the first post in this thread about how to use the Install extension correctly…
and as far as I know, the activity starter expects a full path to the file, see also https://puravidaapps.com/install.php



thank you so much i did manage to correct the problem, apparently every extension handle paths differently.


Can you show your blocks so that we can understand how to solve it


the built in file copy component didn’t work at all in my case it worked by using the third party extensions with the correct path format.files2
the taifunfile extension read double slash " // " as the main assets directory and the single slash "/ " as the main sdcard directory , in other hand the KIO4_INSTALL extension you must provide the full path : /mnt/sdcard/file.apk . in order to function. these mess made me so confused in the first place.
now the app extract the apk to sdcard from the assets directory and the install it easily.


Glad you solved your issue but till now i’m able to solve mine. Can you please have a look on my aia file.Download_APK.aia (331.3 KB)

And yes i have 2 phones one is android 6 and another is android 8. blocks works great on 6 but not able to start installing app on 8.