[Free] Install app. Notify to user of a new version has come out


what is path app here??


how to get url of my apk file


Where is your apk file?

Load your apk file in Sdcard, then use /mnt/sdcard/myfile.apk

Or install AndExplorer and find your file .apk


thanks can you please tell me how to mail to your users from app


How to mail to users?

Look Taifun’s tutorial:


Can you show here how you achieved this using firebase and a label?


why this problem?


i get the same


i found mine mistake. the url to the.apk was not good. Somerhing with capitals


Excellent! My idea is to have a small text file on a server where I would edit with the latest version number. When the app initializes it pulls the text file, checks if the version is greater than the current, if so then download the new version. :slight_smile:


Hola Juan Antonio
cómo puedo usar tu desarrollo para instalar?
lo añado desde importar extensión, no da error, pero no sale opción alguna de “comandos”
gracias, juan luis


Try first with my apps

Prueba primero con las aplicaciones p_sumar6.aia y p_sumar7.aia que he puesto al principio de este mensaje.


en las versiones actuales de android, da un error al ejecutarse:
… exposed beyond app through Intent.getData()
y por tanto, no ejecuta lo descargado…

Nota: en sus ejemplos de suma6 y suma7, sobre nueva versión, de kio4, se da dicho error en android nuevos




Sí, JL debo corregir eso


Hola, @Juan_Antonio, has conseguido hacer este cambio? Tengo el mismo problema. Gracias por contribuir con nosotros.


This solved my major issue but only on Android Version 6 but i have 2 more phones (8) and in that i get an error

What to do.
Thanks for the extension.


cool but i got an error " there was an error parsing the package"
i tried many combination of paths but nothing seems to work.Untitledn


first copy the file to the internal sdcard and install from there
you might want to use the file extension to copy the file


hi thanks for the reply but am confuse what paths are correct because it doesn’t work for me
am trying to copy file named gapps.apk from asset to the download folder inside the internal sdcard
can you help me with correct path?


read the documentation of the file extension https://puravidaapps.com/file.php and if you still have issues, then it would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.