[Free] Image interceptor viewer

This is a cropper, which is convenient for a viewer of a cropper.

cn.zzq.ImageCrop.aix (32.0 KB)

ImageCropEN.aia (241.1 KB)

ImageCropEN.apk (1.7 MB)



great!very good extension!

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nice extension…can I set fixed crop ratio1 : 1

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Please looking forward to the next update.


Very nice extension. Difficult to use on images with a white background (e.g. like clipart). If grid was alight shade of grey, or could be changed to a darker colour by the user?

This is a very good extension.

Could you also support vertical images?

the image is always too small. Even if you change the size of the vertical arrangement, the size of the image is always too small.
Is there a way to change the size?

I tried to use the scale option, putting values 0 and 1 but it doesn’t work.

In the image you can see how it looks like:

I tried to put values to the vertical array, in pixels, in percentage… but none of them worked.