[Free] Image Editor Extension - No internet connection required! :)

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Fix this please!


I block your site in my hosts file to solve this…

thanks for the notice. I changed something on the server.
I will fix it now.


Issue is now fixed.

ThankU! s2

bloody legend.
thx for making this extension free, keep up the good work

The extension resize to 500 x 375 px.
any option for not automatic resize my pictures?

Is it possible to leave a background where it is written?

the text would be highlighted

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so, i don’t know if this is still updated, it has been about a year and a half since the last comment, but, if anyone is reading this, do you happen to know why the flip image dosen’t work? i even tried the .aia file for the example app to see if i could learn anything but, not even that worked, hopefully some one sees this

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This was written for an old version of Thunkable. Now Thunkable X does not accept extensions.

This solution is obsolete.


Hi, Mika! Good day, do you allow the use of your Image Editor Extension for the MIT Appathon and the possible redistribution of the developed app of the participants? Were given instructions to ask for the explicit permission of authors if we happen to use their extension. Thank you for your hard work!

Hello how to download any aia or extension can you tell me plz I am new Users

Read this:

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