[Free] Image Editor Extension - No internet connection required! :)

What about adding images on top of the image?

All work perfectly,but i tried to save image as changed.png,but it save always as NewImage.png.Help me

Set the block with the new name before the block that starts a image edit.

Button 1 Click
then: new name = bla bla bla
then: what you want to edit

Why not support PNG?

is this a question for @Mika or is this a question for me?


You, why resize the size of your extension does not support png?


  1. actually this thread is about @Mika’s Image Editor extension and not my Image extension
  2. For feature requests please contact me by email. To be a sponsor of a new method already is possible starting from only 10 USD! With your contribution you will help the complete App Inventor community. Thank you.


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Dear Mika

Please tell how to resize images without cropping them.

alternatively you might want to take a look into the image extension and its Resize or Scale method


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Hello, it doesn’t work with other formats like PNG.

where is the most recent aix?

its work fine ?

see the first post in this thread to find @Mika’s image editor extension

Esa no es la versión actual

Dear Taifun,

when using the resize feature of your extension , the image does not resize but its screen resolution lowers and it only changes one dimension of image either length or breadth.

please improve your extension.

thank you

you might want to try the Resize test project, which is downloadable from here https://puravidaapps.com/image.php
also alternatively you might want to try the Scale method…

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I’ve got the same problem. Don’t want to underestimate your extension. It a magnificient work but can’t use it if it does not save the image. Here is a capture of the blocks where i try to save it but can send anything who’s can help me would need.

Also tried with no “/” on the names.

Thank you very much to anyone who at least trys to help me and ofc to Mika for this extension.

hi sir give me aia file my gmail mdpir40@gmail.com

You have the whole project in that video. Just copy the blocks.

is there a way to adjusting opacity of an image, Alpha, or blend with slider ?