[Free] Image Editor Extension - No internet connection required! :)

New update is out - Version 2

added new methods “BlurEffect”, “Pixelate” & “MergeTwoImages”


Awesome! Thanks.

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There’s one error I think in the pixelate method: Depending on the value I select, the pixelation is done every other square ( big pixel), or every other line, but it’s never done continuously. Please see images.

This one was made with pixelationAmount 10:

This one is 20:

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Another 2:

The contrast method, looks like it works, but it turns the image to greyscale.

The ColorDepth method looks like it works in reverse. If I set it to 128, then it converts the image to 8 bit depth, 256 turns it into 4 bits. The lower the number, the higher the color depth.

I will look into all when i have time.
Maybe i find other methods to make the methods better :slight_smile:

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But the rest works perfectly. I tried all of them today and by combining two or three, you can get some very cool effects.

Can you add the ability to crop images of all kinds (png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif …). Also the ability to “Save as…” within the same block. Taifun’s Image extension doesn’t support all image kinds and doesn’t save a copy of the image.

Thank you

Sorry but no.
I dont work any more at extensions.

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Hi @Mika, this extension appears very good, can you explain me how i do add a text like a watermark? Thanks for this extension!

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Hi in Text is a label or canvas … ?

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Please Mention the default values of the empty text boxes, I have downloaded your aia file and installed in my phone. I cannot see the text at all for watermark effect.

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text = your watermark text
textAlphaValue is a number between 0-255
pointX = the x (width) position where the text is displayed
pointY = the same like pointX but for the height where the text is displayed

Hope that helps.


Can we store edited images in app private folder?

İf i use
/newimage.png edited image saved to sdcard

How can i use app private folder.I try remove / but not work

You must only change the path in the designer or with blocks where the new image should be save.

I try remove " / " from start of the file name from designer screen but its not work.I try file component save file method and set new file name to newimage.png but its not work.I dont want user remove edited image.At this time ı added " . " so its hidden in filemanager.

Hello @Mika
I am using your extension, but the problem is that the NEW_IMAGE never actually appears. Any solution ?

Without seeing any blocks I can not say anything.


I want to use the watermarl text

  1. But it doesn’t have the feature of selecting a Font style.

  2. If we give lengthy text, the text is not wrapping

  3. One more thing i request you to please update the extension which asks for a Vertical arrangement, in which the complete text should be fitted and the texit sixe to automatically set.


Overlay effect maybe…

Is that just a feature request or do you need it for your app?

You can use @Barreeeiroo’s script to do lots of things too:

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