[Free] Image Editor Extension - No internet connection required! :)

Hello thunkers!
After some days of hard work i will show you my new big release.

From now on you can edit your images offline without internet connection!
You can do a lot off pretty cool effects, image filters and many other thing like a circle image and many more! :blush:

Required permissions:

The editor from @barreeeiroo was a inspiration for this big project!
Thanks to barreeeiroo for his online editor example.

You can find it here:

Here you will find now some screenshots:

(example how to use this methods)

(screenshot of the example apk)

I hope you like my work! :slight_smile:

Download [Image Editor Extension]
Download Image Editor (apk file)
Download Image Editor (aia file)

best regards,

Tutorials, Snippets, Examples with source files (aia and apk) and much more available on my blog


Wow, that’s amazing! Keep up the great work @Mika


Amazing work @Mika :clap::clap::clap:

I was making this DOC to help users to use my API xD, but now I think that it’s not going to reach success :cold_sweat:

PD: What will be your next extension? :yum:


Wow thats cool :sparkling_heart::+1: Will definitely try that​:blush:

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this looks like a powerful extension! good job!
keep up the good work!


Thank you! :slight_smile:
I work on many other extensions but i cant say what will be the next for the public :smile:

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Awesome, I think I have a use for this. Thanks! Keep up the hard work.

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This is a really cool extension!!!

If you want you can upload it to http://thunkable.sanderjochems.nl/

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Wow!!!, Mika you killed it man. Keep it up, Amazing work!:+1:

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Nice Work Done Mika. Very Powerful Mega Extension. Keep it up. I love it :heart_eyes:

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Nice one mika

Can you add image resize,crop and compression?


I will take a look to this in the next days.

for resize and crop meanwhile you can use my image extension

for the documentation and how to use the different methods see here



Fantastic job, @Mika!! Congratulations!!!


@Mika could you add blur function please?

I will look tomorrow if i can add this :slight_smile:

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This is a really cool extension!!!
Amazing work!!!

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This is a great example of what an extension should be. Some of these functions/results are not achievable by using blocks, and the ones that are, takes so long to process that it’s absolutely impractical to do it, like for example the grayscale procedure. I did that once with blocks and it takes more than 2 minutes to convert a 1280 x 720 picture.
I agree with @pavi2410, a blur function would be really good to add.

Also you may want to add a pixelation procedure. That one I also made it with blocks and depending on the pixel size selected, usually is fast enough to be acceptable.
Check how it works here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7MXCp1_0y6hSUZRbFBVbkNDdWM


@Mika As an idea: Can you add a function to join two images horizontally, maybe the first one to the left and the second one to the right?
Also, maybe a way to specify if you want them vertically (stacked) or a different function for that.

A user in the MIT App Inventor 2 forum asked if there’s a way to do that and I thought of your extension, right away.

I will add a blur effect in the next version.
Current i make some tests :slight_smile:

And i will also add a pixel maker effect too.

The last (image side by side) can i only test in the next days.