[Free] IAP Extension

Moved to https://aix.pavi2410.tk/Billing



Can you make it OpenSource code?


It is fully based on Anjlab’s library. I referenced their provided sample app and Readme.md

However I can share you in private if you want to collaborate with me in building this extension as it is incomplete.


Generally it’s a great idea that you continue in trying to make more extensions, but does it make sense to try to rebuild something, what is already available? Why not trying to create something new?

As far as I can see, there is still a looooong way to go to get this running… good luck!

Btw. what I’m asking myself is, after taking a look at the logcat output, why does your methods ProductDetails and SubscriptionDetails use TaifunBilling as tag instead of using your own tag? Strange, isn’t it?



its because I used your clipboard extension as template and forgot to replace it with my string in Logs.

Also i replace Clipboard with Billing, so TaifunClipboard became TaifunBilling.


Yes, the extension @pavi2410 has created is free!


@pavi2410 weldone bro. keep it up. build more Extensions for Thunkable


it is completely very extremely necessary bro. First there was App inventor,Appy builder ,many other AI Platform and now Thunkable. i choose to use Thunkable because it gives me the freedom to do what i want without any restrictions. Having @pavi2410 and other Users to build Extensions even if they already exist is very good as it gives users the ability to choose what best suits their needs . take a look at WordPress for instance, they have multiple repeated plugins from different builders that serves the same function. the logic here sometimes is not about whether the extension is the same or not but the Call Methods used in the extension could vary from one another.

@pavi2410 @Mika and many others should be encouraged to build extensions even if they already exist. Google search ‘music player’ and you will see a lot of apps popping up for users to make a choice, that is how the competitive world works.
Best regards


@pavi2410 When do you think it will be completely ready to use?

I just uploaded the final version. But it may contain bugs.

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Is it vulnerable to hacking with Freedom or LuckyPatcher?


@pavi2410 Could you give us a few screenshots or a video with how we can make this good

No, if you use obfuscated text for merchantId

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Can you share a simple apk with it? I want to test it personally xD (it’s not that I don’t trust you, it is because I’m very curious)

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I posted the app’s opt-in link above. This also has live demonstration in two forms:

  • Test purchase

  • Real purchase (ie donation button)

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I will definitely share in coming days…

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Where can I find the Merchant ID & License ID?

I posted few instructions above

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Which one? There are 3 ID’s

  • Payment Account
  • Payment Profile
  • Public Sellers Profile