[Free] IAP Extension

Okay thanks for your replies :smiley::smiley:

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##New release v7 is out!

###What’s New in this release?

  • Load Owned Purchases from Google
    (returns owned Products & Subscriptions on your app only)

  • Updated Anjlab library (1.0.39)


Lol, and i paid for billing component in appybuilder

Try not to use abusive language :+1:


Okay sorry, didn’t knew it wasn’t allowed

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@Braden_Boyko maybe you should consider your payment as a donation and then you will appreciate the efforts of the Developers at AppyBuilder. Guys at Thunkable here are trying so hard to made things Easy for All Thunkable developers and i hope we don’t take that for Granted. There is nothing like Free Launch in this world. Enjoy the Free Stuffs Whiles it Last but when duty calls for support, don’t forget to respond!
Happy Thunking and GoodLuck



Updated blocks for repeated purchases. Now working with LoadOwnedPurchases block.


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Idk why everyone is thinking i am not appreciating appybuilder, i am just saying that i paud for apply builder just for billing extension which is free

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I have a problem when I click Support come in the purchase window for Google,
And shows under the window note
and written in it,
The name of my productid.

How to hide it?

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Do you want to hide a Product Name label in a google play purchase window? Sorry, that is not possible (for now). But you can always change that label text in a Google Play developer console.

That’s normal… Don’t worry!

In the Designer properties, uncheck Test Mode and check supress Toast


Thank you so much:grinning:

And you
Thank you so much:grinning:

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Sorry For Disturb
I want something last I want to publish my application link.
Can I put it here or somewhere else.
I am a beginner

@The_Work Do you want to sponsor your application’s link? If you do, just make a new topic with a tag

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What is the productId?