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Hello Everyone!

:sunny: New Update : 29-07-2019

This is my first extension [ SpreadsheetDB ] which i made & going to share with you all today.
Few weeks ago i have given you all an alternative solution for Upload, Upadte, Read & Delete data from the Google Spreadsheet using Script Url. But the action blocks that you have to write for your data formatting was a bit complex and also a bit tricky. So to simplify the work i made this extension SpreadsheetDB


:arrow_down: DOWNLOAD EXTENSION : SpreadsheetDBbyCttricks.aix (12.0 KB) [ Version 1 ]

How to use spreadsheetDB extesion ( Addition info too…)!!

If you have any query or suggestion then let me know in the comments or you can send email at [email protected]

A big thanks to @Cian_O_Sullivan & @Domhnall

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//Ct tricks

  • Need a tutorial video
  • Need a complete blog

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tHX U For ext.
Please show we how work this.

Hello @B_Hdez and all the tutorial is now available on my youtube channel.
Also i have made a little change in version 1 of SpreadsheetDB extension… So download the new one today! Also if have any query feel free to ask :blush: