[Free] Google short extension | Test

I have a new test extension for you all.
After a successful test phase this extension will be a component in makeroid.io.

What can you do with this extension?
You can shortening url links with the help of the google shortening api.
A short url looks after a convert like this:

That’s not all…!
You can too convert back short links into a normal url :slight_smile:

Here is a simple picture that shows you how to use this extension:

Please test this extension and write here how you like it or else.

Download the extension here:
com.NMD.Shortlink.aix (376,3 KB)


Thanks for the extension! The Google Shortening API can be also used with the web component. It would be also great if you want to add to your post how to do it with blocks for learning purposes.
Keep the good work!

Nice work @mika :clap:


Nice! But those colors though!
You guys need to tone those down down a little bit.
If I leave it a couple of minutes in my screen, it will burn a hole in it!


Nice idea!

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Let me first say congratulations on building another extension! Keep it up.

Most URL link shortener App have extra functions such as the ability to detect the number of clicks, country From which link is clicked, devices etc. Can this extension be used for such extras. If no, can it be included? If no, why?


@Brainwork yes you can have all these things.
If you create your own api key you will see all what you want in your Google api dashboard.

@Italo which colors would you personal change and how should they look?

Thank you very much for your feedback guys :slight_smile:


Great and thanks for the reply

can I get Pop Up Menu extension from you ?

how can we know the number of clicks on shortened url ? please help

Create your own key and then you will see many informations in the google console.

man i tried serching a lot. but coz of not much involved in programming i wasnt able to understand .
is there any direct weblink which i can use in webviewer to get clicks of google url link ?

Here you can manage all google api.


Thanks for the extension, I really appreciate it!

I just want to point out that the OP isn’t up to date. You have changed the method to set api key.
It was frustrating for a couple of minutes.

If anyone is struggling with this: it’s not neccessary to initialize global variable, now it is done by thunking ‘set Shortlink.API Key to’. :slight_smile:


Thanks for uploading bro,
But I’am developing in thukable, problem is that after getting URL in text box two thunkable application getting stop

Message:unfortunately thunkable app stop working

Plz check this

i created an url shortner app using this Api extension.


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