[Free] GifView extension Free for all : NEW Update 17/11/17 πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹



Where’s the changelog? @said_lachguer




Ah sorry, i didn’t saw this


Thanks for your update. Now, i can set image sprite to animation ^^


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Change log?


You like my work but no personne donnat me !!!


Better if more easy than this ex. Take images and run


Got this error


chare the parametre of the extension and the gif picture


Here is the .png and .gif

Possibly th problem:

This is how I did the blocks;

Thank you for your speedy reply!


change Count_Rows = 4 and check :slight_smile:


Thank you :blush:


you are realy good . I will donate you but only $1 because I am form India con’t donate more .


One problems i face , animation area why is not transparent ? I am using png image


I tried to do it here.
I got an image that trnaformei in gift convert to gnp and put in place of the logo but went wrong.
I need a gif image now. How can I copy the converted gif link in PNG so I can paste it into the bunch?
is it possible to transform simple image into gift before using AVI to convert to PNG?
this NB frame is always 46?


send me your simple aia file to check for you


I did now,is an example to test (MIT)
BxB.apk (2.5 MB)

if you think I’m wrong to convert. You can use that gif to show me.is an example to test



i need simple aia not apk


BxB.aia (14.2 KB)