[Free] GifView extension Free for all : NEW Update 17/11/17 πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹



Hello for all

Update 17/11/2017 : Add bloc to run GIF on picture ( Donate my work if you like it )

Update 13/11/2017: Add bloc RunAnimation and StopAnimation

Today i give you this extension just free I will explain how it works:

First you need this software (Avi4Bmp.exe) to convert your gif on character sprite png:

Avi4Bmp.zip (162.9 KB)

+ All Bloc you have :

To work with ( Picture) :

To work with ( Horizontal Arrangement) :

  • Property :

  • Count_Cols : Nb of frames in Cols ( Explication in Figure 1 )
  • Count_Rows : Nb of frames in Rows ( Explication in Figure 1 )
  • Frame_Duration :we can slow animation by changing frame duration (ms)
  • Frame_H : Frame height ( height of your Origin GIF picture )
  • Frame_W : Frame width ( width of your Origin GIF picture )

  • Nb_Frames : number of frames ( Explication in Figure 1 )
  • Scale_Factor : scale factor for each frame

Figure 1:

+ how it works:

1 - Open the your GIF image with Avi4Bmp.exe:

2 - save your picture to png

3 - Upload your Sprite picture

that’s all :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

17/11/17: GifView.aix (12.6 KB)

If someone liked my work can donate me :slight_smile:

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Wow great, now we can have animations in Thunkable (and Makeroid). I tested it with an image downloaded from the net.

I works great. I just had to change some values.


Can I use the animation in a sprite instead of an arrangement?


No. It expects a horizontal arrangement. I get an error message.


Thanks for trying it. It would be extremely useful to be able to use this feature in sprites though.


Maybe in the next version. :sunglasses:


Nice and useful extension. Congratulations on your first. Would be extremely useful with Sprite as suggested by @Italo . Good work


Your extension has no icon. Could you add one?


ok dear Peter mathijssen Icon is add


nice work :grinning:


nice work said


@said_lachguer is there any progress on making it work with image Sprite???


not yet. im working on another extension


can you please make a short video tutorial on it?


when I’m free I can do it for you


Will be waiting for it… thankyou




Your file/files are to big


The extension is ok during development but on production is not showing the image.
I have tried also with PathToAssets block but again no luck.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance…


Updated 13/11/2017