[Free] Get Date and Time from a NTP server. The time in other cities


With this extension we can get date and time from a NTP server.

To get links to NTP servers, search in Internet ‘server ntp’

Also with this extension you can get the date and time in other cities.
Example: America/Mexico_City


Date-Time is in this format:

Hola amigos, con esta extensión podemos conseguir fácilmente la fecha y hora suministrado desde un servidor NTP.
También podemos ver la fecha y hora en determinadas ciudades, por ejemplo en America/Mexico_City

El formato con el que conseguimos la información es:

com.KIO4_Time.aix (406.8 KB)



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por que es tan grande la extension


Hola @Andres_Cotes

  • Como ves, la extensión ocupa unos 400 KB, debido a que contiene una librería bastante grande.

  • Si quieres una versión reducida en tamaño de esta extensión que solo ocupa 6 KB, puedes bajar la siguiente, que solo contiene el bloque de TimeZone:
    com.KIO4_TimeZ.aix (6.0 KB)


muchas gracias Juan Por tu aporte


suppose , i using a button for waiting 15 minutes.When button click, time counting start.
Then if anyone increase system time, they need to wait 15 minutes?
can anyone hack timezone?


just lookup UTC time from the server…


Hey @Juan_Antonio
unluckily I get this error, each time I wanna build a app including your extension.

Do you have a solution?


It works for me.
I use App Inventor.
I have not tried it in Appybuilder.

Try again.

com.KIO4_Time.aix (399.2 KB)
com.KIO4_TimeZ.aix (6.0 KB)



NTP server “hora.roa.es” is down or not work for me

Now work for me: 0.pool.ntp.org
others opctions:

thx u for extension!


Please make in english language


hello your extension converts the time perfectly but I can’t compile apk because it goes wrong. How do I solve it? thank you


you might want to elaborate… any error message?



as we can see, you get the DX execution failed error while building the app
are you saying, the app builds fine if you remove that extension?
if yes, it might be, that the exension is not compatible with Thunkable


yes indeed it is really so. I removed the extension and used onlinechecker, to capture the exact time to launch onsignal push notification. at the times I need . thanks for the explanation


Can you make it possible??? Pls sir reply me.