[Free] Gesture Handler Extension

Hello thunkers! :slight_smile:
Here is the version 3 of my new and greatest extension (for now)! :blush:

Now we can detect gestures on the screen (vertical, horizontal & vertical scroll, horizontal scroll arrangements) without the canvas component.

Here are the current methods:

Example(how to use the extension):

Download Gesture handler Extension

I hope you like my work! :blush:
As you all know… donations are always welcome! :relaxed:


WoW, really useful extension :+1:

Is possible to handle the component Screen?

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Current no.
I don’t know why, but i don’t get it to work with as example the “screen1” component

Oh, okey :sweat:

It can be veru useful if you can make it work :+1:

Wow! Great Job!
I tried to use it in the “arrangements as screens” tutorial. It is not working because inside the main HOrizontal arrangement I have some vertical scroll arrangements. I hide the scroll arrangements and worked! so my question is if I have a normal (no scroll) arrangement inside arrangement I should add the listener for the arrangement inside?
Thank you for this extension!

You can add a gesture listener to any arrangement you want.

If you want i can try to create gesture listeners for scroll arrangments (vertical scroll arrangement & horzontal arrangement) too.


That would be so cool :slight_smile:

Good one mika :+1:

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Gesture listeners for scroll arrangements may not work well. I think it might end up like a scroll arrangement with the scrollable property of the screen enabled.

OMG! Great!


in the next update is a gesture listener for the scroll components too! :slight_smile:
Because it’s useful for left and right swipes if you want to make a tab menu .

A screen gesture is current not possible.
I don’t know why, but a screen gesture doesn’t work :confounded:
There is no error but it doesnt work current.

I will look in the next days more into it :slight_smile:


@Mika, I would love to see Scroll Arrangement gesture listener! If you make it, I can upgrade my ScrollingActivity and make it really ScrollingActivity!


Just put the whole app inside a vertical arrangement :joy:


Having a listener for the screen spans the action bar as well, something that cannot be achieved using a vertical arrangement.

Great extension!

But I found it not working when the arrangement is filled up by buttons.

Is this only for me, or others have the same issue?

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That’s no issue, that’s normal. :smile:
Because buttons have click and touch listeners.

Set as example your buttons to not enabled and you will see that now the arrangment handler works.

OK, I will use lables rather than buttons in the arrangement.

With my click listener extension you can set click listeners to labels, images, vertical and horizontal arrangements too.
See here:


Version 2 is now online! :slight_smile:
Added vertical & horizontal scroll arrangements :blush:


Great work again, @Mika.