[Free] Generar PDF offline de Tablas

Hello, I try to make some changes to the generate.html file. Then I upload it again to the assets and compile the project but nothing has changed…it seems that my emulator remembers the first version of generate.html in the assets and uses only that page. Even manually deleting the file generate.html from the assets doesnt work. It always uses the old file. I definetely need to make some changes to the file but I am stuck with it. Can you help me? I already cleared cache from chrome browser and android but doesnt work. How can I delete old generate.html to see the changes to the page that I made?

Thanjs for the wonderful extension. Thanks in advance.



the file is embedded within the extension and is created every time you execute the method to modify the file you have to modify the extension

Hello Andres,

Thank you for your quick reply. I opened the aix and found generatepdf.class and classes.jar. I made some changes, exactly the same in both files and closed the aix again. Then I try to compile project but I get error

caught exception in inliner for #<procedure gnu.kawa.functions.AppendValues> - java.lang.ClassFormatError: Incompatible magic value 4022320623 in class file co/com/dendritas/GeneratePdf

Both Thunkable classic and AI2 wont compile, am I missing something here? Is there somewhere else I need to make changes to?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Sorry, I think I understand a little bit more now about changes in compiled files. I was editing as if it was a textdocument, thats not going to work. I’m going in this again. With a java editor. Thanks.

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What I really meant to do is the following:
When I use your extension its all functioning wonderfully well. BUT the app opens chrome using the activity starter. There the PDF is created. But when I have for some reason multiple tabs open in chrome that I want to keep open, I cannot return to the app again…the chrome browser stays open. My idea is to add a button to the generatepdf page that closes chrome. Or do you have another solution to close the browser that now opens in the app itself the page generatepdf?

Hope you can understand the problem i’m dealing with and maybe you have a solution!



Hi Andres,
Today I tried and tried to get things working around. See above problem for more information. I am not yet able to edit a source file, I’m still learning and trying. But today I discovered that it must be possible to retrieve a result from the google chrome browser, send it to activitystarter1 and let it return to the calling app. But I dont seem to get this working yet. Can you help me on how to retrieve result “when download is ready in chrome return to calling app”? Or anyone else who has the knowledge to this? I already read the documentation for activitystarter but cant find exactly how to set things in the right way.

Hope you can help me out!

Have a nice day,


Sir I used this extention… but after downloading pdf… cant go back on previous screen… Kindly help me

Hola Andres, excelente extension, al usarla con companion no arroja ningún problema, pero una vez genero el apk, al querer generar el PDF salta este error, genero la apk desde MakeDroid