[Free] Generar PDF offline de Tablas


estos son los alcances

https://github.com/simonbengtsson/jsPDF-AutoTable de lo que se puede hacer pero se demora mucho tiempo implementar una extensión personalizada


can this be used to create custom pdf?

for example like this :


If possible, it only takes time to build the design


the message “Error 601:No corresponding activity was found”, please what is the problem?


Please what is the problem “Error 601: No corresonding activity was found.”?
thanks in advance!


you have google crome installed on your device


No, i have not.


Needs to be installed because it is the app that creates the pdf


Oh! yes i will instal it now and try.
thanks sir.


The operation succeeded.
I ask Allah to reward you with the best reward


How can solve the problem of coordination of characters for Arabic language? appear printing is incorrect


my problem is, that i need some customizations for the autotable-plugin extension. I have already install jdk, apache ant and git bash to create extensions. This enviroement works, but i dont know how to translate the javascript code from, https://github.com/simonbengtsson/jsPDF-AutoTable, to get a java file and git bash it. Is it possible to make an .aix from javascript? I have no plan…Unfortunately i am a beginner and have only very little experiences in programming. Hope you can help me. Many Thanks!


hello sir sir how to used extendedwevi viewer in download finishe download how to open automatices pdf flie . sir how set generate pdf extension used in extendedwevi viewer in download finishe download how to open automatices pdf flie


@Andres_Cotes When I change something like this, the PDF file is not being generated.


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What about preparing a short tutorial and publish it here in the forum to help everybody, who likes to create a pdf? This is actually how a forum works…

btw. why did you remove the video?




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