[Free] Flood Fill Extension. Fill area of an image with a color

Hello friends,

  • Fill an area of ​​an image with a color.
  • The image file must be in the SdCard (root or folder). Example: file:///mnt/sdcard/kitty.png
  • A Canvas.TouchDown is necessary.
  • Each time the color changes the file:///mnt/sdcard/kitty.png is modified.
  • Using the “ CopyAssetFile ” block, you can copy a file from the asset to the SdCard.
    (base destination is: /mnt/sdcard/)
  • If you want to resize the image, use the “imageWidth” and “imageHeight” blocks.
  • Better with a pen android phone
  • Code based in:
    https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8070401/android-flood-fill-algorithm with modifications.

p187Ci_extension_rellenar.aia (199.5 KB)

Juan Antonio Villalpando.