[Free] FirebaseStorage Extension v2.0 (New Version)


Nvm… I fixed by not including gs:// and / at the end


What if I have to update the image?
Example: Like people update their profile pic in WhatsApp and Facebook.


you have to upload the new picture with the same filename to overwrite it


Thanks :slight_smile:


You can use web.get to do that


I am getting invalid html method/URL pair

I am using this to upload the file


Now it’s working fine. It was my error: The filename was empty string because of programming mistake thats why error was showing.


How to fix error 1104 message ? any one can help?


@mirxtrem_apps Your site seems to be suspended? I can’t download the extension.


Is it possible to get the image from firebase stored in a folder. i mean what would be the name of bucket if the image file is in the folder.

we have to update bucket in extension and in rules, so i am confused that if the file is in a folder then how we can call him.

Imagine if there are lots of folders with images and we have to call from a specific folder


my app is stoping when the data in my case images are downloading from fierbase to my app how can i resolve this thx


can we upload pdf with firebase storage extension? If no then please tell the suggested way to firebase


Hi, some news about more features? like upload/download mp3?
Thanks @mirxtrem_apps

PS. I tried to upload a mp3 with this extension, i did, but when i try to download , i get “error 701 , unable to load file”.


Download link not working


it probably might have been a good idea to add the new version into your first thread rather than starting a new thread with version 2…
this to help people to use always the latest version and also me to not have to update the extension directory for each new version…



update the first post? thanks


yes exactly, which is this



Only older version is being downloaded!!


How to get the path of pdf file?


Thanks so much, it will help me a lot