[Free] FirebaseStorage Extension v2.0 (New Version)

can use activity starter with:
android.intent.action.GET_CONTENT and Data Type: application/pdf

This aia is not working… Is there any thing wrong in it??

How do you do this, can you upload a piture ?

So where’s the second version. Download links available for first version only. Thanks in advance

where is the second version download?

thanks in advance

I found it on appybuilder page. I am attaching it here
com.mirxtremapps.FirebaseStorage.aix (35.3 KB)

this is version 2.0

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@mirxtrem_apps Can this extension download files as well? If not is there a way to download files from Firebase?

Am I doing something wrong? I am working on an app where the user can upload an image (and other stuff) to my FirebaseStorage account. There are no issues with uploading images.However when you try to delete them, it will delete the image and then it immediately crashes the program. I created a new screen that only contains the upload image and delete image option in case it was other parts of my code messing it up but I still get the same error.

Secondly, is it not possible to delete images that are in folders? I can’t seem to get the right path for that. For example, I can save into folder/file but can’t delete folder/file.

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First - thanks for this extension. I got it working, but when I’ve been trying to download an image from the folder I’d created - I don’t know how. It keeps bringing images from the main bucket or can find the path. Please help.

how to Load folder of images from firebase storage in makeroid???

please help me sir

Deletion of file from Firebase Storage causing app to crash and restart

Maybe you should ask then in the makeroid forum.

I also have same problem.

If there is any solution then mail me on milind.padshah@gmail.com

Can i save file temporary? When file downloaded its create a file downloaded event.I will do some operations in this event after finished this event i want remove file automatic.

I just want keep this file secured.Only my app can acces it.So if i delete this file its make more difficult any idea?

@mirxtrem_apps Estoy utilizando esta extension en Kodular y funciona perfecta. Excepto cuando utilizo el DELETE.

Cuando pongo un boton y le pongo Delete file y el nombre del archivo, lo elimina de firestore, pero la app deja de funcionar y se cierra…

Hay alguna solucion?

What a trouble error :frowning:

I try seperately delete and upload image function, there is no any error. But I simultaneously try both, my app is stopping.

Please Help Me…

Dear All…

Please help me with procedure… I need get response number for show succesfull upload event.

i try this blocks, but not work.
In other extension the block show “ResponseCode”


Any idea ?

If the saving is successful, why would the Error block be triggered in the first place?

why the extension have not other blocks…
And …I need a response for build and make the message.

check the extension blocks:


If the upload is successful then the RESPONSE event is executed. That’s where you should put the INFO SAVED!

If there is some kind of error, the response event is NOT executed. The ERROR event is executed only if there is some kind of error. There you must put the error message…