[Free] FirebaseStorage Extension v2.0 (New Version)


Hi everybody!, today i bring you FirebaseStorage extension V2.0 with new features:
Last update (05 nov 2018)


I recommend create procedure to easy development. There is some examples.
Create a procedure to simple upload

Create a procedure to upload into a folder


Find the storage bucket.

Then, change the rules

seems like this

Now add the extension to your project. finally you have to set the API and STORAGE BUCKET in the component properties. (You can find the API key in projects settings)

upload a photo. use file://… or content:// or http:// for path

upload a video. use file://… or content:// or http:// for path

Get and Delete a file with a given filename.

Return the download Url from Firebase and filename.

Return error message

Video files takes more time than image to upload… try small files

This is the first version, i hope to improve this extensions, Thank!

Download it here!:
com.mirxtremapps.FirebaseStorage.aix (34.6 KB)

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sir where this example aia file link ?


Thanks, this is very helpful for my app!


@mirxtrem_apps, is there any way to use this extension with authentication?


Only photo and video?


only for now… i hope to have more features in the future


not for now… maybe next version, thanks


Sorry, try it again


Please edit your comment, the extension was made by @mirxtrem_apps . Thanks


Gustavo, hay alguna forma de hacer que cuando se le de GET a un archivo se descargue automáticamente? Gracias ! :slight_smile:


hola , ofrezco disculpa por la tardanza… si es una imagen, tal vez puedas ponerla en un canvas… creo que tiene la opción de guardar la imagen




hola como puedo hacer si quiero insertar una imagen de firebase stoarge en una imagen de thunkable
osea, set imagen1 picture y que bloque tendria que poner aca para remplazarla?


I enjoy your extension, but is it possible to add more media types or an option to upload with a specific MIME type?


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yes its posible!


Thank you for this. It is really working!


must I set the firebase storage as public? what should I do if i want to protect the file using firebase authentication?


Leave the Storage rules as default.


Its saying invalid HTTP method/URL pair, how can I fix?