[Free] Firebase Authentication V.3.0 (Update link)

I tried that, but it is still not letting me add users with the same E-mail address!

Buenas me podran ayudar con el send reset password tengo un error

Gustavo esperamos con ansias el nuevo video para acceder con facebook y google usando firebase desde tu extensión.


its posible. go to firebase dashboard > authentication and configure sign in methods and change it


I can’t get authentication working. My app crashes as soon as I try to login or register! This is my code:

Rest continues in next post!

Here’s my GUI:


Please tell me how to fix the problem and if I need to change anything.

This doesn’t keep me authenticated when I login. Is there anyway to fix this?

hello guys can you pls put in a block where we can put in the api key and so on. Because at the momemt we have to put in the api key an so on in the designer screen. If we have a block for that we can hide the api key with the obfuscated block. Thanks.

Hello Everyone,
How can i only enable authenticated user write rules can anyone just show me blocks

Good morning guys e hola Gustavo @mirxtrem_apps si estas ahi :wink: ! can someone help me please?
the problem is this:
double ability to authenticate, Firebase auth and Log in with Google;
with Firebase more or less everything ok (except the fact that you can not set the sending of the verification email), with Google the problem is that once logged in, always remains connected, you can not do LogOut if I want to change account … I found a simple javascript function for this but I do not know how to integrate it.

 function myFunction () {
 location.href = 'https://accounts.google.com/Logout?&continue=https://google.com/';
 </ Script>

Allego image of the blocks …
Thanks for your help !!

you cannot implement such java codes You can create a extension if you know how to code in java. Otherwise not.

I understand, I imagined it, so all that’s left is to wait for a good soul to create this extension that I think can be useful to everyone.
Thank you !

we wait since years for that

:sob::sob::sob:: Gustavo @mirxtrem_apps !! nos puedes dar una mano tu ?

ok, fast update: after various tests I understood that the Firebase_Authentication.logout also works with Firebase_Authentication.Google SignIn; the only problem is that when I run the LogIn again I no longer have the possibility to choose which account to enter, I access directly with the one already stored. The only way to get it, (in addition to uninstalling and reinstalling the app), is to clear the cache and delete app data. To get this I found a component that clears the cache, but unfortunately alone is not enough, I need the way to simulate “delete app data” … I already tried to run “TinyDb. clear All”, but nothing …
if anyone has any ideas we can solve together …

reload your window restart companion

can you explain better please?

Amigo como faz para fazer um sing-out?