[Free] Firebase Authentication V.3.0 (Update link)

If you read admin auth documentation you need tokens to do that, if the token expire you should have to refresh it. question? You as an admin can get those datas from your users?

@mirxtrem_apps very nice work! This extension is very useful for me. I just wondered, if it has a reset password component, like the thunkable iOS-Version ?


bro can u share the apk …
i want to show/test this apk

how it works …

how to use google login & facebook login

when i use the method RefreshIdToken using an existing refreshToken the response is null !
even no errors
does that mean that the refresh is done ?
because waiting for 1 hour to check this each time is not right.

i will check it

i will made a tutorial, for facebook need facebook login extension to pass the access token and enable facebook from firebase console

hi, i will added to next version. but you can do it with HTTP method. search the lastest videos in my channel on youtube there is the example

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initially i thought the purpose of this firebase auth extension is so that i can set the database rules for firebase to private instead of public for read and write and then only allow those who have authenticated through my app to access the database… However, i notice my app cannot access firebase anymore if i set the database rules for firebase to private.
So what is really the purpose for this authentication? can enlighten me?


Please make vdo on youtube again.
I waiting.

hello i need a tutorial auth v3 only with google login firebase

The download URL is broken. Is there another one?

now its working

@mirxtrem_apps can you make a tutorial explaining how to use expireIn, refreshToken and idToken?

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This Firebase Extension Download link send.

Thanks… it worked. Initially had issues but realized a space was created before the API key input… guess it was from the copied text. the errors stopped as soon as I removed the space.

can you make tutorial for google login…

Is it works on makeroid

Is it possible to bypass the EMAIL_ALREADY_EXISTS error, and create multiple users with the same email ID but with different usernames?

You can change this in your Firebase Authentication settings, by going to Sign-in Method, scroll down to Advanced, then change One Account per Email Address.