[Free] Facebook Login Extension


Does that mean that this extension includes the Facebook SDK? If yes, that would be awesome.


Thanks for it.You used activicty starter for view facebook.com/device website can we use webview?


@Ali_Aydin i use webview in this example but… if you see the aia, i leave and activity starter example if you want to use it.


This extension use HTTP request and API Graph of Facebook. no include sdk


nice and useful extension. i hope this should open doors for other extensions like instagram login etc


there’s something also for linkedin.
sorry for my ignorance, but with and integration with facebook or linkedin, may i see messages too? may i manipulate them?


Vas duro colega, muy buen trabajo, (y) :grinning:


(added to AI2 FAQ Web Services section)


Can we change message text to own


Hi!.. you cannot. these is a standard message, but what message do you want to show?


please help i did all you mentioned it worked but the name and profile picture string does not work it is empty


please help me

I have a pictureurl profile, but can not be displayed.
facebook has sent this pictureUrl

" https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-1/p50x50/1509975_1559832697587793_2133883693071677997_n.jpg?oh=46028013ce82163f0edb66ccb4621e63 "


Hi, I tried your extension but it does not work for me… It will never show a dialog if the button in your .aia is clicked… I entered my own AppID and ClientToken and activated “login from devices” but it just won’t work :confused:


There three aditional steps that you have to follow.

  1. add redirect URI in facebook console, you can set https://localhost


  1. add Privacy Polices to launch your app to production.

  2. enable App as Public app.( add privacy polices first or you can do this).

Remenber check if API does not have spaces at the beggining or at the end. some time it sneaks when copy and paste.

Trick: Facebook has an event to manage error, basically is a negative response from server and it’s useful to know what tha hell it’s happening and error handle. jeje

best regards, i hope to fix it.


remenber follow the toturial in you tube:


I’ll give it another try later… I was just confused because not even the message dialog appeared…

Thanks for your relpy!


Same, I try and install the extension, nothing happen


Is it possible to log out?


Not showing the message of code


is it possible something similar with linkedin?