[Free] FAB Extension - Material UI Feature



You mean images like this isn’t it

But it is little difficult.

Jerin Jacob


i bought this extension, but i missed the long click event…is still the long click event?


hola diego

te puedo ayudar en este hilo que métodos necesitas?


pavi 2410, dime como hago para que las imagenes que pongo como icono en el FAB, no se despixelen, ya que se ve mal. Dime si me puedes ayudar a que se vea como tu imagen.

A&J Developers


How can i find Marginbottom and right value


By experiment


@pavi2410 I you don’t mind please share the source code of this extension. I am actually learning how to create an extension. Or please say where to insert these code in the extension source code :


Please help me


You cannot build layouts using XML files, you must make them in Java programmatically.


But How please tell me.





Sorry Sir I didnt found the answer for my question


Your answer can be found in all the documentation. You have to learn Java else it won’t work. Then it is explained how to setup your computer with the right software.


Actually is it necessary to add this code to the source code.

I am just only a starter I am learning java.


i don’t know. I am not a developer. I just pointed you to the documentation.


Ok then @pavi2410 please help me.


We said already, it is not possible to add xml,
I suggest you to learn Java first, before doing anything else at www.sololearn.com, after that look into Link provided by @Peter_Mathijssen


Well, @pavi2410 and I (@Sander0542) will not release the source of this extension. We have a new version of this extension as component on Makeroid.


but will you update this extension? or only as makeroid component?


We only update the component at Makeroid


Sorry maybe I misunderstood, this is not the one of @Andres_Cotes