[Free] FAB Extension - Material UI Feature



what is the difference between material ui feature and normal FAB?


What do you mean with normal FAB?

A FAB is always a Material UI Feature as it has been implemented with Material Design


sorry, i’m really messing up with these too many extension.
i was sure that with “normal FAB” have to use android asset studio to make an icon, instead with “material ui FAB” i can use normal images.
but that’s my fantasy, as i see…


que es lo que quieres realizar??


no quiero nada…
i just had a problem with fab that did not upload an png icon…:smiley:
njow it’s ok. sorry it’s very late, i should go sleep


I have better idea, so effective


i’m thinking something to set fab2 and fab3 not visible.
maybe the touch of a hozontal/vertical arrangement with gesture extension?
want to know your opinion


You can better set fab2 and fab3 visible to false


Is it possible to create one like this?

Jerin Jacob


Hmm, idk. Not with the current extension


I know, with current extension it is not possible.
I asked is it possible to create one like that.

Jerin Jacob


May be you can,
you are also a part of fab extension.

Jerin Jacob


Do you have the source code for this example??


I saw it here

Jerin Jacob


I will see what I can do


@Jerin_Jacob check out my ScrollingActivity template. It makes fab to be in top right corner & stick to it


what is that stuff??


Oh I understood,
The templates.

Jerin Jacob


however, when i “long click” fab, actually start also the event "click"
in fact for the simple “click” i have a toast message, and for the “Long click” i have the event: set fab2 and fab3 visible

so, when i long click on fab1, the other fab become visible, but the toast message is shown.
any solution?


You can do this by generating images for numbers in-app.