[Free] FAB Extension - Material UI Feature



yaa sure @pavi2410


I have this error when initializing app. I’ve restarted app, and loggedout/loggedin and error still continues. I also deleted /sdcard/AppInventor/ folder:


Check out the troubleshooting‚Äč section in the extensions directory:


Can I know the API level of your phone? This extension works with API 14+


Thanks @Domhnall


he intentado varios tama√Īos y se ve pixeleado por mas alta que sea la resolucion alguien sabe porque pasa eso?


Has usado las proporciones recomendadas o las que tu quisiste?


Dear friends,
Maybe your problems and solutions are helpful to the whole community. So why do not write your posts in English? A bad written English is better than a perfect Chinese Mandarin (just for sake of clarity, without any negative prejudice against that language and any other one)for the most of community people, I think.


The translator function works great :grin:


It is readable Dutch, but its not perfect. Its like bad written Dutch


But it’s understandable. If i translate the spanish text above i understand what the meaning is.


When you are proficient in a language that all understand, why not use the same rather than use some language not many understand and simply create misunderstandings?
The translator is not the best either…


Si primero intent√© con las recomendadas despu√©s fui cambiando de tama√Īos probando y nada aunque escoga una buena resoluci√≥n me aparece pixeleado


Yo los veo bien, sin pixelar


Nicely made extension!!!
For those who needed , here is a small example to use it with less blocks then the originate exanple.
Keep up the good work.


I want video tutorial, how to use FAB ?


I tried to make a video but it all messed up while editing. so I gave up. try will it again afterwards (maybe today itself)

@Sander0542 had you made one?


I can make a video tutorial tomorrow


Very Cool, I wait video tomorrow


Could you guys tell me what you want in the video tutorial?