[Free] FAB Extension - Material UI Feature



when i changed icon extension from .ico to .png it worked properly.


Yes, only png and jpg files are supported.


I am going to make some tutorials on my website for this extension

here is the link, you can download the AIA and APK of an app with 3 examples


PLSE GIVE ME THE .aix file


You find it in the first post of the topic.


The floating button disappears when the screen is rotated and never comes back. Is there a solution to this?


Read the posts above!


Default FAB size is a little bit small. How to increase its Size more?


You can set the size to:

1 = normal
2 = small
3 = huge


How to do this? Can you show here?


I am eating right now, but in 5 minutes I give you an example



I guess the fab extension got an update because the extension I am using doesn’t have this size feature. Can you post here the latest extension?


the new version is already available for download from his site (see first post in this topic) with a new name!


why??? Always shows this…


Don’t know what would be the cause


Did you restart Thunkable live? You must reconnect it after importing extensions.


If this is the cause, then I would suggest @thunkable to merge latest commits from App Inventor which comes with Blockly update and new extensions system, which will allow the companion to load extensions at any point of time.


I restarted thunkable live after importing extension but same problem


Please try deleting all the files in /sdcard/AppInventor/ folder.