[Free] FAB Extension - Material UI Feature



Great extension. Just tried it few minutes ago.
I rotated my device from portrait to landscape then rotated back to portrait, the Floating Button disappear!


You need to recreate the button after screen orrientation changes

There is a block in the Screen1 tab for that


Also after change ScreenScrollable property :wink:


@pavi2410 you saved me with this extension! thanks.

i’m wondering…do you think to make also a floating listview ?


It can be, but it won’t be standard


It works with @Sander0542’s ESP Radio app, but I don’t know if he did any trick.


What trick, could you give me some more info please


can any one upload .aia of any project made with this fab extension.It will be more helpfull.


@Sander0542 can. He made a tutorial project for this purpose.


If it is a .aia file i can study from it easily.


This is that AIA file with the Examples and Easter Eggs

FloatingActionButton.aia (48.5 KB)


Thanks,is there any .aia file with more than two fab?


Try other screens of the app. @Jerin_Jacob


Sorry,i forgot about it.Thanks.


can i get link to download fab version 2?


version 2 is incomplete


Thanks for your help.Waiting for version 2…


what will i do?


Did you used a Create block?

If no: Do that

If yes: send me your blocks, then I can help


working properly in bluestacks emulator and showing error in my smartphone.