[Free] FAB Extension - Material UI Feature



The color picker is from puravidaapps.com


Still not found them all?

Waiting for this message


@Sander0542 well, I guess the color picker is from @Italo
which btw. was mentioned in my example project you most probably copied from here

using the project A Better Color Picker by Italo. Thank you.

it’s always a good idea to give correct attribution if you are using an example from someone…


Any hints for example 3?


FINALLY! I have found the last 3rd Easter Egg :slight_smile:


Um, I have found all Easter Eggs, but there ain’t such thing like “You have found all Easter Eggs!”




Nope, you only checked 3 screens, but there are 4 screens. The Screen1 counts too.

After you found Screen1, you have to reopen an screen to let it update


I am still waiting for you guys to complete it… :joy:


@ILoveThunkable did you found the Easter Egg on the home screen?


Nope sadly, searching. I will find it myself, (no hints)


Any possibility to have like this… The shot text.


Good idea/question @mannankhanabdul

We will take a look at it


For now you can use long click event to display their function on toast message


Found all the Easter Eggs :smile: :sunglasses:


Nice! Good Job! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


@Sander0542 @pavi2410 This might help you:


It might not work as it will be impractical for users to edit xml resources.

Even if we do it programmatically, then also it may not work with our code as our code is not built by Google. (I mean it doesn’t use Support Design lib)


You can import Google’s design library into your extension.


But we don’t use them anyways.