[Free] FAB Extension - Material UI Feature



It’s a great idea :smile:

It can be very useful for tablets


Thank you so much . :slight_smile:


Does this app look same to everyone?
Please share screenshot here because I want to know it varies with different Screen sizes and density.

VR.apk (2.4 MB)


LGTM!! :+1:


So, I see that we loose quality over high screen sizes.


Well done @pavi2410 and @Sander0542 my friends. very good job done. God bless you guys for freely giving this out.
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Thank you :slight_smile: @pavi2410 and @Sander0542 for such FABulous extension. Will use it in my apps. :wink:


OH YES! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :grinning:


Thankyou @pavi2410 & @Sander0542 for this amazing extension :heart_eyes:


The guideline for Material Design FAB to acheive best possible UI for your apps.



Awesome extension!!! Love it.
By the way, text is not meant to be used on FABs. It is better you keep it this way.


No, I don’t think it is a good idea. According to me, it is best you stick to the FAB sizes provided in the default material design documentation


If you want TEXT on your FAB. Use this link, all the settings are already set. You only have to change the color and the text



It will be good for tablets.


Could you also include a few guidelines for the use of FABs? It is because most people are unaware of the proper usage of the button.

Here are a few things to consider while using the FAB:

FABs are meant for primary actions only. If your app is a chat app, then create a new chat should most likely be your primary action. For a mail app, it is usually compose. Note that it is not necessary to use an FAB in your app. Many apps find no requirement for an action button. Assigning the FAB to a “refresh” or “close app” action, in my opinion, is a major design flaw.

Second, it is not advisable to use more than one FAB per screen. You can have mini FABs ( they’re actually known by another name) popping up after clicking on the main FAB, as shown in @pavi2410’s apps. But never use more than one FAB otherwise. In case you’re making a gallery app and have the images shown as tiles, do not have one FAB for each tile. Again, it is a major design overlook.

FABs are meant for use on the edges between two material sheets. For example, you can have an FAB on the edge between the title bar and the main screen content. Or you can also use it in its conventional position: the bottom right of the screen. Any other position is not recommended unless absolutely necessary.

I hope that these tips will help you use the extension better and make friendlier UX/UI on all your apps!



Hi, I have created an app with some examples of what you can do with FAB’s

There are some Easter Eggs, but you need luck to find them, when you have the message that you found them all, send a screenshot in this topic.

FloatingActionButton.apk (2.2 MB)


1st one was pretty easy:


Found another :grinning:

Example 3 is crazy though!! :joy:


How did you find number 2, is there a certain colour you must find?


Nice color picker you got there! :wink: