[Free] FAB Extension - Material UI Feature



hola Diego cómo vas te puede ayudar en algo


nothing it’s ok, i thought this was your FAB version


This is a great extension!
I am having an issue with the buttons. I have buttons that are overlayed on top of a web viewer (not sure if that is relevant). When I set the visible attribute to false, the button disappears. However, I cannot scroll if the scroll begins where a invisible button is positioned.

As an attempted work around, I tried changed the size to 0 when the button is set to invivisible. This had no effect and the button did not change sizes. I tried changing the position/margins of the button (0,0 and tried -100,-100). This also had no effect. The size option and margins option do not update within the blocks. They seem to be ignored.

Because I cannot scroll by starting a swipe where an invisible button is, it makes my app rather useless. Any suggestions on resolving any of these issues?


I have the same problems, to get around I had to put part of the interface more up :confused:


You can create a counter badge on the right top corner or anywhere you like with Andres Cotes FAB extension and I think with the FAB component in Thunkable too. You only have to create a little FAB and set the position where you like it to be, add a font (not an icon font) and that will be all.

For more information you can check his documentation in this post:


Do it do it if you set the button to Enabled=false?


Hi there,

in App Inventor the "set_FAB1_icon_to_“the name of the icon.png” doesn’t work. I generate the icon with Android Asset Studio, upload it but it gets me Runtime ERROR: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘android.graphics.Bitmapandroid.graphics.drawable.BitmapDrawable.getBitmap()’ on a null object reference “END APPLICATION”. What did I do wrong??? :sweat:

ps: in the FloatingActionButton .aia, I downloaded and installed, it works… (in the blocks there’s a change of icon with "set_FAB1_icon_to_…)

Can someone help me? thanks


Ask the @pavi2410 to rebuild with add some code like this

  • After animation visible ->> view(FabListener).setClickable(true);
  • Set False after Invisible animation

Maybe help, or Im too late


@pavi2410 and I dont update this extension anymore. If you want the updates, then you need to use the component on Makeroid


The mini size option he does not show it to me.


At the end of image u posted, You have used not>visible >get fab instead of set it to false , Can you please tell me why?


When u use : component -> not -> vissible then *when component is ‘vissible’ it will be set to 'not vissible '(hidden)
*when component is ‘not vissible’ it will be set to ‘vissible’(shown)


Can I get the .AIA file of live chat and live video streaming app. I’m trying to build a story and chatting app like other social networks.


Some last words thunkable community always works and solve problems together. Last idea let’s devlop an amazing app for school bus tracking in worldwide.


Great work dude @pavi2410


Please give a new .aix download link.


This extensions Very good,but the following needs improvement:
1.Margin Bottom and Margin Right are not available during execution.
2.When clicking Floating Button,Floating Button Icon cannot be changed.
3.When FAB visible = false,The buttons under FAB can’t be clicked.


please help me, how to block it correctly, i tried and research some of your block, but only one fab shows, then when i click the fab, second will appear, they never appear all


website for download at 1st post can not open.
any body have this extention?


Le téléchargement ne fonctionne plus ?