[Free] Extension Sidebar Navigation Update 12/04/2018


Hello please show error capture


No logro hacer funcionar esto…


Olá, gostaria de reportar um erro.
Quando programo para a Screen1 - “scrollable = false”, a extesão Sidebar não funciona!

Hello, I would like to report an error. When I program for the Screen1 - “scrollable = false”, the extention Sidebar don’t work!


show blocks please



Hola, excelente aplicación. Pero tengo el siguiente problema:
Asi se ve con Motorola:

Y así se ve con Samsung, Huawei y LG:

Tengo tildado Developement:


Prueba a poner estos iconos pdqcoders font-based-icons. Copia el código y terminalo con “;”
Por ejemplo exit_to_app por 

A mi me ha pasado lo mismo. Con unos móviles bien, y con otros mal. Y se solucionó con eso.


Good Night @Andres_Cotes, I want to make menu in two languagues after selected on main screen , is it possible?


You send image you want


Tank you @Andres_Cotes… I got it
I used Get Start Value after open the Screen.


Yo compré la version full y ahora cuando hago lo del After Selecting se cierra la aplicacion thunkable… esta en modo desarrollo, y todo como lo aconsejan y sin embargo la app se cierra…


Hi Sir

How to change action bar popup menu background color and fornt color.


Try Thunkable instead of AI2…


Estoy intentando hacer funcionar la extensión pero no hay manera. He visto que el archivo .aia de ejemplo que subiste tiene la opción Development disponible para marcar y desmarcar. Sin embargo la extensión que has subido no. Es posible tener esa opción para marcar en el modo free?

I am trying to run the extension but there is no way. I saw in the example .aia file which you shared has the Development option available to mark and unmark. However, the extension you have uploaded does not. Is it possible to have that option to mark in free mode?
Thank you


Hi. How can i add the sidebar on all screens? i have 9 screen on my project. Please can help me one friend? thanks now for all… Serkan


Add component all screen


it is always advised to use one screen and the layout arrangements for the other screens. using a lot of screens will cause your app to Freeze and collapse


which component must i add the other screen? can you say please. thanks. i have now 9 other screen but maybe i will do the sidebar menu with 6 screen. i am teacher in technical school. and i will do one apk for my electric and electronic part in school. i will see, when i select on sidemenu one menu item and open another screen will see on top left corner the menu button and can open on all screen the sidebar menu. i hope you can understand me. sorry for my english. thanks for help me.
( on all page screen i dont will add sidebar extension and all blocks. i think maybe on screen1 page with one prosedur can make this. see the menu button about sidebar open )


thanks for answer my question and help me my friend. i will finished the menu item with maybe 6 menu item selection. now i have for all this another screen page. but maybe you mean i need this make on screen1 with some horizontalaragment some hide and some visible information about the other my screens? thanks for all.


I just tried the free version of the extension, and it seems pretty amazing. Will it be possible to edit the speed of the sidebar when it is called i.e increase the rate of animation of the sidebar in the Paid Version?