[Free] Extension Sidebar Navigation Update 12/04/2018


10 usd

I send via email extension


Thanks, but still going to test free version before getting the paid one.


I can’t find the link to download the version 2.1


QR first post


Thank you @Andres_Cotes.


i’d like to try your sidebar for a friend, but don’t know how to choose the width (i use the phone in landscape mode and the sidebar is too wide), it seems that it is not possible with the free version, but i’m not sure that the paid version is what i need, i can’t find any example in landscape, how can i be sure it will be usefull ?



Hi, I’m using sidebar extension and it is very useful, but I have a problem.

When the app shows sidebar navigation if I slide in any directionover the menu, it became black. I must close the app and open again.


can i ask something about thunkable ?


Nice extension!!!

Someone please help me with the paid version of this extension, where to buy it?





Good afternoon, I have a menu with many elements into the sidebar.

In some phones the menu items appear misplaced and in others they appear well.

Can this be fixed in some way? I attach screenshot.


If your android version is lower than 5.0 (Lollipop) then there may be such bugs.



Where can i get the paid version for the extension? thank you



I’ve try to use the free version. I’ve get the icon from from http://material.io. I downloaded the 18dp and get the svg file, but some icon can be display and some icon can’t. Why does it happen?


you can build your own typography with the icons and try so I have solved the problem in the spaces of the icons


How can I check if sidebar is hidden or showed? I’m trying do it…


How to buy the extension sldiebar navigation? please help me. Thank! (email: [email protected])



Hello everybody

the free version works fine with Thunkable, the paid sidebar terminates the app as soon as a selection in the bar is clicked. I have the paid version of Sep 2017 or is there an update?

In appybuilder the paid versíon works fine, but I have to create an app with thunkable and there is this error.

Does anyone have the same problem or even a solution?
Thank you …