[Free] Extension Sidebar Navigation Update 12/04/2018


png olarak icon desteklemez metarial iconlardan bulman lazım


its take much time to load… can we make it faster


to which it refers I do not understand what you write


i mean slidebar takes a little bit more times than other slide bar in other apps


how to add a button?


I have the same problem.
Could you, please, show how to use this unicodes?
Just instead of the icon name or like additional variable value?


you answered yourself… :wink:

however remember to put both ttf files in the assets…


Sorry for the late reply.

It seems like that info which existed at https://material.io/tools/icons/ is no longer available…

However, I found the list of all the icons names, codepoints index.

e.g. codepoints index

3d_rotation --> e84d
ac_unit --> eb3b


3d_rotation --> 
ac_unit --> 



Thank you for the answer.
I tried it, but strange thing happens - using this codes gives blank space instead of the icon.
Then I tried again to use icon name with undescore and it works.

May be something changed during some months after my last try with undescore names.


Some more questions.

How to get Sidebar status shown/hided?

Now we can’t close it without selecting of any item.

If I use Screen.Back Pressed for this I have to know that Sidebar is open and I’m not at any other state.
I open Sidebar by screenedge flung so I can’t set any event to switch optional variable to look for this status by myself.


Since I don’t use this extension and depends on which version you have, you should just put this i think.



It looks like IsShow feature is not available in free version.


Version2 has it.



Thank you!
I’ve upgraded to v2 and all became clear.
That qr code confused me before and didn’t find newer version.


can give me the apk file to test the app


I downloaded the V2 from the link in the QR Code, imported it into Thunkable but it shows no Properties in the Design view. The swipe gesture doesn’t seem to work in the companion app too. Can someone help me?


Download aia test proyect


There are none.



Sidebar V21 app is closing

So you’re saying that I should create it with blocks? It’s just that from the tutorial video I expected to have Properties. Thanks anyway, I’ll test it out now!


Sorry forgot to mention it, paid version has it.