[Free] Extension Sidebar Navigation Update 12/04/2018


As I already said in extension properties…
Take a look at the first post screenshots. I am sure you will find it… :wink:



do you have an updated v2 already with bug fixes like color select should not stay permanently and avatar not working? Because I cannot get the Avatar image to work (but also not in v1) - it just won’t show…


With respect to V2 Beta… here are my remarks

  1. I have created a folder in internal storage to place the image I need for avatar and I have used the path like /mnt/sdcard/myAppFolder/myAvatar.png in this way I can get the avatar image…
    BUT I have not managed to make the avatar see an image directly from the assets …

  2. I agree that color select should not stay permanently selected…

  3. TextName and TexteMail they need to be able to change color in properties (or in blocks…) because if we use light colored images text does not show well…


tesekkurler,turkıyeden kımse varmı :slight_smile:


sir can you help me…!
how i select in block


what do you mean select in block?
in the designer just go to the properties of the extension and select the font.
why do it in the blocks???


No se pueden cambiar los colores del Background ahora? xd No veo la opción.


solo en la versión paga tienes estas opciones


Hi. I need your help. I am using the free version and it works great. But when building .apk and uploading it it to my cell phone I am having an issue with a picture. It is not visible at all. (I attach it to Media as an asset). The picture is visible when testing via Companion, but after building,the picture field is blank. The same image file in Media is visible when I show it as an image component. I attach the image as .jpg file.
What is wrong?



Please help me anyone i have bought paid slidebar extension from andro cotes i have pay him 10$ but when i download slidrbar zip file it asking for password by extracting it and i have mail him but no reply please help me


@ALL_FOR_YOU check your mail again…
usually @Andres_Cotes is providing the password in the body of the email…

also why you reply to @Sander0542 and don’t address directly to the developer?
you can also send him a private message through Thunkable… (except from email…)

Keep also in mind that this developer and any other developer has also a personal life and he should not be always available if and when any user needs him.

finally keep in mind that this is a global community and that time difference exists…
he may be simply sleeping because in his time it may be too late


Why do I see my name in the file?


Sir I haven’t got any email with password what i do sir i have bought it very hard give me password


Can you explain me why my name is in your file? Have you really bought this extension?


I am sorry but I am not responsible for providing the paid extension password only @Andres_Cotes can.
just send him an email or PM with the paypal transaction code and I am sure he will not have any problem to send you the password. :wink:

also you should probably give a good reply to @Kleyber_Derick for this post


Hi, I already sent an email showing where the password was, I hope it has been solved.


Sir I haven’t got any email with password sir please mail me
[email protected]
[email protected]


Sorrry sir i got password thanks