[Free] Extension Sidebar Navigation Update 12/04/2018


playing with free version… what am I doing wrong?





Thanks, but I already have it in the screen initialize block… it’s the same, both in companion and in built apk.

The third item is also there but it’s off-screen (it works when clicked)

Maybe it’s because this phone has Android 4.4?


I checked it. I’m too getting this issue in android 4.4. But In other versions its working fine.


Have you considered my proposal for shared Dropbox folders to distribute paid extensions or will you continue to send updated files through emails?


@Andres_Cotes can you please send me the latest paid release?

and maybe you should really impement some sort of sharing system so your customers always get the latest .aix files… All tough I would prever Google Drive because everybody who uses Thunkable also has a Google Account = GDrive :wink:


@Andres_Cotes your update messed up my blocks… there are far less options and settings now?! What happened to TitleGroup, Seperator, etc.??


update sidebar v1, no sidebar v2 beta


is possibile change color background siderbarV21 ?


@Avram, @Madan_Mathod

It seems like all icon names which have underscore causes bugs…

Have you tried to change, e.g @Avram in your case

check_circle	-->	
exit_to_app	-->	




Wow, it works! Thank you very much!


I couldnt change image.Its a default image of developer.
which size image has to use?


in the free version, but when I bought the sidebar1, I sent the beta sidebarv2, which has these characteristics


Font not found /mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.


Como agregó los iconos que quiero y como hacer para que se pueda dar click a las opcion del menú y te manden a otra pantalla o active un horizontal A



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Hi @Andres_Cotes,
Thank you for your extension
but not working with me.
It works in Thunkable Live but app crash when download apk and install it


in Thunkable Live works great

but when install it



Did you uncheck development in properties before compiling?


Hi @Mr_Blackd,
Where can i uncheck developement i can’t find it?