[Free] Extension Sidebar Navigation Update 12/04/2018


Show the corresponding blocks


podrias ayudarme hermano ? tambien soy de colombia y necesito esto para un proyecto de mi universidad, podriamos hablar por algun algo?? gracias


Hi, I’m using a free version, while developing with live testing works sidebar extension, after compiled (build apk) and installing on my device, when I click the button to access the screen that has the sidebar simply does not access and back to the home screen.
What can be, you tell me please.


Is it possible to use sidebar in 2 different screen in same application. Because when i use the sidebar in screen2, the runtime error occurred and blank sidebar appears…on screen1 its works absolutely fine…
Uploaded screen shot…


shows the properties of the second screen


Actually currently am in outstation…just send the properties screen shot…


You have to transfer the blocks for the sidebar from Screen1 also in Screen2. Did you do this?

Also I think Andres wanted a screenshot of properties of sidebar for Screen2…


Already provided screenshot…and yes i put all same blocks to screen2 and imported extension to screen2


The screenshots of properties are for the screen component, please share a screenshot of the sidebar component properties and a screenshot of your blocks so that someone can understand what exactly might the problem be


The Sidebar V2 is not working with action bar’s (.ClickButtonMenu) is not working.

Sidebar_problem.aia (40.5 KB)


if it works you should only have the action bar that works inside a layout


sorry i didn’t understood what u said can u explain plz
This action bar was working fine with older version of sidebar.
I also tried to place a button and blocked that (When Button1 .Click) then (Call SidebarV21 .Show)
BUT that also didn’t worked ,that’s why i think their is problem in call slidebar . show


He meant that, suppose If you are using “verticleArrangemnt” as input to the sidebar. Then you should place all your components within it.


As you said i tried this also then also not working


in a test project do the following
upload extensions and typography files needed.
put an arrangement for the drawer.
put a second arrangement for the actionbar.
drag the actionbar arrangement into the drawer’s arrangement.
clear all your assets from the phone and reconnect to thunkable live.
see if those two work ok.
transfer the logic to your project…
if your problem still exists, report back… :wink:


Ya It works greatly



text html


Where is link…


paid version


Ok… Thanks